The CUISINEC HOSPITALITY is India’s leading one-stop-shop, for all the Hotel supply, restaurant supply, kitchen equipment, turn key projects, & more. Largest store in South India. Call us!

About us

Cuisinec Hospitality is India’s leading HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) supplier. We ensure that we make your shopping experience easy and informative, so that you make wise choices for your investment. We are your one stop shop for all the Hotel supply, restaurant supply, kitchen equipment, turn key projects & more

We offer complete design services for restaurants, commercial kitchens and bars. From front of house to the most complex kitchen design requirements, equipment installation, and foodservice supplies fulfilment, our staff provides turnkey solutions for the foodservice industry.

Humble Beginnings

Our roots grow deep with food service knowledge. This began as a local, family-run business, has steadily grown to become one of the largest restaurant suppliers and distributors of foodservice products. Now, We are proud 3rd generation HORECA suppliers specialists with over 75 years of experience. Our grandfather began in the early 1950’s with Kataria Glassware House.

Based on the customer requirements we have evolved as well. This has made us to establish Cuisinec Hospitality which is located in southern part of India in Chennai city

We started with a 200sq Ft store and now we have the largest HORECA store in South India. This store meets all your needs for setting up your foodservice business. We are here to help you to ensure that you find all the right products to make your Hotel, Restaurant or Catering business successful.

We are one of India’s Leading HORECA supplier and also one of the fastest growing in the country


Our mission is simple: do right by the customer and they’ll always come back. This approach to business has fueled our growth and helped us build a growing base of loyal HoReCa customers